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Obtaining Planning Permission

Are you looking to extend your property or apply for a change of use? If so you’ll need to obtain planning permission. Here are our 10 tips for getting the most out of the planning process.

Look at permitted development rights

Permitted development rights, by definition are a grant of planning permission which allows certain building works and changes of use to be carried out without the need for planning permission. These have increased a fair bit in recent years, major development and changes of use can now be carried out in some cases without the need for planning permission.

Start early

The local planning authorities regularly review their development plans and will be open to comments from the public, this will be your chance to promote your land for development as well as voice your own concerns on other nearby proposed development.

Get in touch with your local planning authority

Duty planning officers will be available during working hours for consultation. Research and find out which officer deals with your area and they’ll be able to offer more specific advice.

Research, research, research!

Do your due diligence and find out if similar proposals have been accepted in the area before. This can be a good indication on whether yours is likely to be accepted or not.

Also research whether the site/property has a planning history. Keep in mind that due to the government’s recent planning reforms, proposals that weren’t supported before could now be viewed in a more favourable light.

Be open to negotiation

There’s a chance you may need to negotiate a compromise on your original proposal, or alternatively offer added benefits that will come of your development to help sway things in your favour.

Try again!

Was your first planning application unsuccessful? If so you’re entitled to try again if you so wish. Seek further advice to help your chances the second time around.

You also have the right to appeal the decision and have a Planning Inspector who belongs to another area determine the application as well.

Expanding your property can be an exciting thing and by following the right protocols you’ll better your chances of obtaining planning permission!